About Our President & CEO


John L. Wright, M.A.

Our Leader John Wright is a native of Marshall, TX.  He attended graduate school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and received his Master of Arts degree in Berkeley, California.

John paid for his  graduate school expenses by working as a Mail Room Manager for seven institutions of higher education.

He lives in Fairfield, California with his wife Tammie and their young daughter M


Company Mission Statement

Royal Blue Rapid Delivery Service seeks to create and promote customer-centered excellence in  Same-Day and Next-Day Pick-up and Delivery servicing.  We strive to grow our business with the same accountability and integrity that is present in every customer encounter, with dignity and respect as our core values.


Company Vision Statement

Royal Blue Rapid Delivery Service strives to be a customer-centered, community-supporting organization.  Our commitment to the core principles of integrity, respect and dignity shall guide all  customer interactions, business decisions and performance goals.